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Aji Sunte Ho TV Show

Aji Sunte Ho

Original airing: 14 Nov 2016

Language: Hindi

Network: Zee TV

Plot Summary: The popular TV channel is embarking with a new TV Reality show called Aji Sunte Ho. The Hindi GEC has rather compelled the makers to embark with something new and interesting format in the reality show to make it more engaging for the audience. In a sense the makers are able to do justice to this idea to come out with a non-fiction style titled Aji Sunte Ho… The show can be called as one of its kind on Indian TV to celebrate the beauty of togetherness in the married life. Thus the TV show has the hosts with the characters like Mr and Mrs. Sharma. The characters would therefore invite different couples from all over the country for a session to have games and funs, which will help in gauging the compatibility over the sets. The TV show is produced by Shashi Sumeet under his own production banners, which has networked with Zee TV thus offering the audience gems like stuff giving away the best Jodi awards as well.

They will test the couple in things like what ticks the couple, what make them fight what annoy them or what really pacifies the wife. Well, the channel is soon to spill all the beans in this entertaining and endearing show.

 Star Cast:

Pranauti Pradhan
Satish Sharma


Shashi Mittal
Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal


Reality Television


Shashi Mittal
Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal

 Music Director:

Raju Singh

 Production Company:

Shashi Sumeet Productions