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Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania TV Show

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania

Original airing: 18 Jul 2016

Language: Hindi

Network: Sony TV

RunningTime: 22 minutes

Plot Summary: Abhishek Pant, an enterprising, responsible & ambitious person lives in a joint family of 14 people. He is the only bread earner of the family; he took up the responsibilities at a very young age and has ended up with no social life of his own. The family lives in an ancestral haveli and also runs it like a hotel. His excellent sense of humor makes him all the more attractive and he brilliantly handles any crisis situation with his wit and charm. He shares a very special bond with few members of his family and whenever any of his family members fall in trouble, he always comes to the rescue. However, in times of need he has nobody to express his feelings to. For him, family is the most important and with his father who has left to attain spiritual retreat and with an overweight mother who cannot contribute much to the family, Abhishek “Bade Bhaiya”, has taken upon himself all the responsibilities of his family. With his family being of utmost priority, he has had no time for a personal life, neither has he had time for love. His family wants him to get married but each of them have their own suggestions of the bride-to-be. Because of so many eccentricities, Abhishek has still not found his match. That does not change the fact that Abhishek is undoubtedly the most handsome, desirable and eligible bachelor in town.

Abhishek’s life takes a steep twist with the entry of Meera, young & attractive but the black sheep of her family. She is totally opposite to his family’s expectations. She lands in "devpur", the place where Abhishek's full family resides. Meera is here in response to his fathers wish to get her married with a very established so called gentleman kind of guy named "Aman". Meera meets aman, which was followed by a series of dramatic misunderstandings. Why meera doesn't feel the vibe at Aman's presence, is still a bit of mystry. However, meera is kind of disappointed at Aman at his patronizing behavior still she agrees to marry him. Things go down the tube when some more misunderstandings take place between Meera and Abhishek's family. Meera decides to leave Devpur and Pant Bhaban Homestay as well. Unfortunately she get trapped in a jungle and Abhishek arrives there without any late to rescue her and they head towards Pant Bhaban.

How will Meera fit in to all the expectations as she becomes Bade Bhaiya ki Dulhaniya?

 Star Cast:

Arjun Manhas ... Bhimraj a k a Sona Pant Rekhas son
Charvi Saraf ... Anita Pant Madhus daughter
Inderjeet Sagoo ... Aman Singh Meeras fiance
Indraneel Bhattacharya ... Prahlad Raizada Meeras father
Namita Dubey ... Meera Raizada Abhisheks love interest
Naveen Pandita ... Sanjay Thakral IAS Officer Rheas fiance
Palak Purswani ... Rhea Raizada Meeras sister
Priyanshu Jora ... Abhishek Pant
Rishi Dev ... Kapil Pant Madhus son
Ritu Chaudhary Seth ... Madhu Pant Abhisheks aunt
Saloni Daini ... Mona Pant Rekhas daughter
Urfi Javed ... Avni Pant Abhisheks sister
Ushma Rathod ... Babli Pant Abhisheks mother
Veena Mehta ... Amma Dadi Abhisheks grandmother
Yash Acharya ... Rohan Pant Abhisheks brother


Pushkar Mahabal




Mautik Tolia
Sukesh Motwani

 Music Director:

Gajendra Verma
Jasleen Kaur Royal
Tanishk Bagchi


Praveen Kathikuloth

 Production Company:

Bodhi Tree Multimedia Pvt Ltd