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Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant TV Show

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant

Original airing: 15 Feb 2016

Language: Hindi

Network: Life OK

RunningTime: 22 minutes

Plot Summary: Shantanu Kant (Karan V Grover) is a scientist who creates a super humanoid robot with the help of his friend Devendra Bangdu (short for Dev).The robot is named RAJNI (Randomly Accessible Jobs Network Interface)-a robot with 10X the power of hulk, a human's body, a pretty face and a brain faster than 100 computers.

This robot Rajni after a few episodes becomes Shaan's wife! Shaan has his own reasons to marry her-to escape himself from the burden of a married life, to make the updating and reprogramming of Rajni more easy-as no one will question him that why Rajni is in their home once he marries her; and altogether to make Rajni observe human nature and interpret them in her memory-so that she is more human like.

Shaan had created Rajni for a project for which he took financial support from Makarad (Matthew)-who was also Shogata's (Shaan's elder sister) boyfriend. After some misunderstandings Matthew breaks up with Shogata and demands from Shaan the robot(Rajni) for which he had given the latter money.To this, Shaan reluctantly agrees but when he comes to know that Matthew would use Rajni for terrorism, he escapes from Matthew and doesn't hands him Rajni as he had created her for the ease of mankind and not for destroying it.

While escaping from Matthew Shaan accidentally meets Samaira (Shiny Doshi), his ex-girlfriend and soon, Samaira starts staying in the Kant House (As Amrish, Shaan's father doesn't wants Samaira to live in a hotel when their home is there for her.So, after some insistence, Samaira agrees to live there unless her own house is repairing. )But soon, Shaan comes to know about Samaira's real wicked face through Rajni and Surili, Shaan's mother and tells her to leave his house forever.

Many problems arise in the Kant family-some of them come by themselves and some are unintentionally created by Rajni as she doesn't understands humans accurately.But, Rajni always saves the Kants from all these troubles-sometimes with the help of Shaan and Dev.

Kuhu (Shaan's elder brother Gyaan and his wife Maggie's daughter) comes to know about Rajni being a robot after a shopping mall incident-but Shaan pacifies her and she also agrees to help in hiding Rajni's true robot identity from others.

Surili doesn't wants Rajni as her daughter-in-law due to Rajni's weird behavior (which is due to her being a robot), and also because Rajni was introduced as a Haryanvi by Shaan and Dev but Surili wanted a classy Bengali girl as her'bahu'-so, Surili never accepts Rajni as her daughter-in-law by heart.Maggie and Sharmila, the two other bahus of the Kants are also jealous of Rajni and don't want her to stay in the house; Shogata also doesn't likes Rajni as she is not'classy' like them and Bubbles-Amrish's younger sister also doesn't likes Rajni-as she considers her a ghost due to her weirdness but later starts liking her, after Rajni helps her and Amartya (Surili's younger brother) to get married by convincing them.

But, Dhyaan (Shaan's younger brother-husband to Sharmila), Gyaan, Amrish and Kuhu always favour Rajni and like her nature.It is because of them only that Rajni is not banished from the house till now.

Rajni misinterpreted Shaan's commmand and changed his face by plastic surgery. Now Shaan(now played by Raquesh Vashisht) has a new face.This at first creates some problems but later all confusions are cleared by Shaan.

The story continues and mainly shows the problems created and removed by Rajni and her desperately trying to impress the Kants by her 'adarsh bahu programme' installed by Shaan in her memory.

 Star Cast:

Aly Goni ... Virat Batra Husband pof Poonam who look alike of Rajni
Anokhee Anand ... Aishwariya Kant familys servant
Crow ... Surilis Father
Karan Grover ... Old Shantanu Kant Shaan
Krishna Bharadwaj ... Balwanth Maggies Brother
Mehul Nisar ... Gyaan Kant Shaans elder brother Maggies Husband Kuhus Father
Neel Motwani ... Devendra Bangdu Dev Shaans friend Shogata s Husband Rajnis so called Brother
Neha Kaul ... Shogata Amrish Kant Shogata Devendra Bangadu Shaans Sister Devs Wife
Palak Dey ... Kuhu Kant
Pankit Thakker ... Dhyaan Kant Shaans younger brother
Raqesh Vashisth ... New Shantanu kant Shaan
Shiny Doshi ... Samaira Ghosh Shaans ex girlfriend
Suhaas Ahuja ... Matthew Makrand Shaans Boss
Sumit Kaul ... Amartya Surilis Brother Bubbles Husband
Sweety Walia ... Bubbles Kant Amrishs sister Shaans Bua Amartyas Wife
Tanvi Thakkar ... Sharmila Kant Shaans Sister in law Dhyaans wife
Unknown ... Kuhu Gyan Kant
Vahbbiz Dorabjee ... Maggie Kant Shaans sister in law Gyaans wife Kuhus Mother


Sanjay Shukla




Sonali Jaffar

 Music Director:

Prakash Viraj

 Production Company:

Star India