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Chandra Nandni TV Show

Chandra Nandni

Original airing: 10 Oct 2016

Language: Hindi

Network: StarPlus

RunningTime: 22 minutes

Plot Summary: The first scene of the show starts with Bharatmata introducing the show Chandra Nandini as the tale of Chandragupta Maurya and Nandini, his wife as well as the daughter of his greatest enemy.

Moora, the wife of Suryagupta, the king of the small province of Piplivana, is pregnant with Chandragupta. Suryagupta along with his wife are invited by his friend, King Shishunaga of Magadha. At the palace, pregnant Moora is wooed by a fellow 'napit' (barber), Nanda. For his wrongdoing, he is whipped by Rani Avantika, wife of Shishunaga; but later it is revealed that Avantika and Nanda are conspiring together to get the throne from Shishunaga and also Shishunaga's 9 sons through Avantika are actually Nanda's. Suryagupta and Moora came to know about this but could not aware Shishunaga about this miserable truth as he (Shishunaga) had already been killed by Nanda and the blame is put on Suryagupta. Nanda kills Suryagupta as well and Moora escapes into the jungle where she delivers Chandra and hides him in a goshala away from the clutches of Nanda. Chandra is then adopted by a common lady named Kanika. On the other hand, Moora is held captive by Nanda, who has now become the emperor of Magadha and has assumed the title of Maharaja Maha Padmananda and has married Avantika. He proposes Moora for marriage, but she rejects his proposal insulting him. She warns Nanda that her son will take her revenge from him and if Nanda would have a daughter, his daughter will have to suffer for his wrongdoings as well. Soon Avantika gives birth to Nanda's daughter, Nandini.

14 years later

Padmananda has become a very oppressive ruler, exploiting his praja for more and more taxes. His only weakness is his daughter nandini whom he loves more than his life. It is also due to Nandini that Nanda has spared the life of Avantika, whom he has now no interest in. Moora is still held captive by Nanda. On the other hand Chandragupta has grown up as a commoner but holds great affection for his foster mother kanika, even not hesitating to fight with his drunkard foster father to protect her from his rage and increasing pressure for handing over money. To support his mother financially, Chandra sets out for pataliputra. He enters into Pataliputra with the special coin with (the royal mark of Magadh embedded on) that Mahaamatya (Prime Minister) of Magadh Rakshas had previously given him after being impressed with his noble values, his rich ideals and athletic skills. He then is shocked to see how cruel Nanda is, torturing his citizens severely for taxes. He then also finds Moora on the streets who was then being wiped by the soldiers of Nanada on his order. He somehow manages to protect Moora temporarily and then also receives a glance of Rajkumari Nandini. Meanwhile Chanakya watches Chandragupta's activities and somewhere in his mind considers that Chandra can one day become the heavenly and mighty ruler of India he is searching for and can fulfill his dream of Akhanda Bharatvarsh . Chandra confronts Nanda about his wrongdoings but Nanda pay no heed to his agitation and gets him thrown out of his site. On the otherhand, the Greek emperor Alexander The Great with his soldiers intrudes into Hindustan aiming to conquer the land. Chanakya visits Raja Padmananda at his court to alarm him of the possibility of an invasion from the Greeks, but Nanda paying no attention to his alarming throws Chanakya out of the sabha after insulting him to be nothing but a beggar. Chanakya, before leaving, warns Nanda that his ambition will one day bring his downfall and Chanakya, whom Nanda insulted as a beggar, will be the one responsible for his decline.

 Star Cast:

Alexx ONell ... Alexander the Great cameo
Angel Rupchandani ... Young Nandini
Ankur Malhotra ... King Ambhi
Arpit Ranka ... Mahapadma Nanda
Chandraguptas foster mother
Chetan Hansraj ... Parvatak Malayketu
Danish Bagga ... Pandugarti
Ekroop Bedi ... Kinnari
Geetanjali Mishra ... Sunanda Mahapadmanands 1st wife
Jineet Rath ... Young Chandragupta
Lokesh Batta ... Dhana Nanda
Mansi Sharma ... Rani Avantika
Mohit Joshi ... Bhootpal
Papiya Sengupta ... Moora Chandragupts mother
Rajat Tokas ... Chandragupta Maurya
Rohit Choudhary ... Vakranas Padmanandas Minister
Saanvi Talwar ... Durdhara
Salman Shaikh ... Panduk
Sanjeev Siddharth ... Amatya Rakshas Mahapadma Nandas minister
Sheeba Chaddha ... Helena's mother
Shikha Singh ... a princess cameo
Shweta Basu Prasad ... Nandini
Siddharth Tamboli ... Child Kevarth
Sudhanshu Agarwal ... Child Dhanand
Tanu Khan ... Helena
Tarakesh Chauhan ... King Parvatak Malayketus father
Urfi Javed ... Princess Chhaya Chandragupts Sister
Vibhuti Thakur ... Kanika


Ranjan kumar singh


Historical Drama


Ekta Kapoor
hobha Kapoor

 Music Director:

Raju Singh

 Production Company:

Balaji Telefilms