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Dare 2 Dance TV Show

Dare 2 Dance

Original airing: 06 Sep 2014

Language: Hindi

Network: Life OK

Plot Summary: “Dare 2 Dance” :- The Famous personality of bollywood come with his new reality television show “Dare 2 Dance” .The show ‘Dare 2 Dance‘ is risky yet exciting as it pushes you to move out of your comfort zone and prove that you can dance fabulously in any situation. After getting celebrities to do stunts in Khatron ke Khiladi, Bollywood’s daredevil actor Akshay Kumar is now going to find trained and famed dancers who will struggle to manage and survive on the dance floor. Akshay Kumar will be the anchor and the mentor on the new dance show, ‘Dare 2 Dance’, which will air on Life OK from September, every weekend.The reality programme will see the dancer perform in challenging venues rather than on a stage or a set. One would dance on a narrow wall or even under water. Kumar will first demonstrate the format to each contestant in the dance format with a commitment of a ‘first of its kind’ show. Produced by SOL Productions, it is open to trained dancers from across the globe rather than just celebrities.

There will no audience votes, and the elimination will be done in a unique form. He and two other personalities will form the jury. “Taking a cue from my son’s Sports Day function, I have decided that no participant will be eliminated after just one failure, but will be given another chance,” says Kumar.Life OK general manager Ajit Thakur informs that around 30 per cent of the budget of the series will be spent on marketing. Since there will be several foreign participants, apart from advertising on channels, newspaper, hoardings and radio announcements, the social media will be used heavily to reach the viewers overseas.

The contestants will be challenged to prove their mettle as ‘Extreme Dance Ke Heroes’ in a hope to rise above all odds. Thakur reveals that many had walked out of the show after being told of the challenges.He adds, “Kumar has successfully managed to challenge the status quo with his constant need to push the envelope and move beyond the common. It was this need to challenge the norms and do something different that brought us together. ”To provide the right kind of setting, the entire series of sixteen episodes will be shot in and around Cape Town in South Africa. Hope you liked this article of show “Dare 2 Dance”. Aim of our website & our team is to serve you most accurate & correct details of “Dare 2 Dance”. But, if you found any mistakes in this article, you are free to send corrections or contact us at youthcolor.com123@gmail.com. And if you liked this article then don’t forget to share with your friends from the option Share This given below in Green Box.

 Star Cast:

Akshay kumar
Alisha Singh
Emilie Caillon
Karan Pangali
Kunwar Amar
Mayuresh Wadkar
Rithvik Dhanjani
Sanam Johar
Sayantani Ghosh
Scarlett Wilson


Hemanth Prabhu
Indrajit Mukherji


Dance Show
Stunt Show


SOL Productions

 Music Director:

Vinayak Netke


Nishant Radhakrishnan

 Production Company:

SOL Productions