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Diya Aur Baati Hum TV Show

Diya Aur Baati Hum

Original airing: 29 Aug 2011

Language: Hindi

Network: StarPlus

RunningTime: 22 Minutes

Plot Summary: Diya Aur Baati Hum is the story of Sandhya as she trains as an Indian Police Service officer. She dreams of breaking the boundaries of her confined existence of middle-class values. The story is also about Sooraj, who is a self-made man. Sooraj owns a famous sweet shop near his house. Sooraj and Sandhya get married under strained circumstances. Sandhya struggles with her strict mother-in-law who does not accept that her daughter-in-law could become a police officer. The story shows how her husband becomes her strength and helps her to fulfil her dreams. Sandhya went to to 11 month training and complete some mission and task. Sandhya is an IPS now. later on Sandhya got stuck between work and family. Sandhya got de-promoted later on and had to win 3 medal to get her position back. Sandhya's family supports her for it.

Two terrorists come to Sandhya's house disguised as a simple poor woman and Sooraj's helper. They mislead Sooraj and others that Sooraj has to go to Dubai, so everyone makes preparations to go to Dubai. Chaturi, Bhabo and Sooraj go to Dubai but their flight gets hijacked by Disha-Sooraj's helper, Prema and their head called Baiji(Maya), Rajkumar's sister. The hijackers demand Rajkumar's freedom. Sandhya manages to capture them with the help of Zakir and Arjun. Sandhya kills Disha while Arjun kills Prema by shooting on her back. Zakir kills Maya by shooting her in the chest & back. Unfortunately, Bhabo gets shot while she was saving Sooraj. Baba Sa blames Sandhya for all this while Sandhya and Zakir get praised all over the country.

Bhabo's one kidney gets damaged but she is safe and comes back home. Sooraj also thinks that Sandhya has done the wrong thing and does not treat Bhabo as his mother. He removes Sandhya out of the Rathi house. Bhabo is shocked by Sooraj's decision. Ankur and Ankita take Sandhya to their home. Bhabo makes attempts to reunite Sooraj and Sandhya but fails. Sandhya receives orders to go to Scotland for training. Sandhya with heavy heart decides to go so that Sooraj can stay happy.

Meanwhile, Bhabo's health deteriorates and the other kidney also gets damaged. Doctor tells that Bhabo needs kidneys and her kidney transplant must be done immediately. Sooraj and family arrange for a kidney but Sooraj comes to know that the lady who is going to donate a kidney to Bhabo is not doing willingly and her husband was forcing her to do so because of the money. Sooraj saves that woman and refuses to take her kidney. The entire family says that he must have thought of Bhabo before doing this. At this point, Bhabo explains to Sooraj that he thought of humanity first and saved the woman, in the same way Sandhya thought of saving all the passengers and the country first as if the terrorists would be alive then they would kill lakhs of people. Hearing this, Sooraj and Rathi family realize their mistake. A secret donor donates her kidney to Bhabo.

On Republic Day, Sandhya receives an award for her bravery. Sooraj goes to take the award on behalf of Sandhya and apologizes to Sandhya in front of everyone. Sandhya sees this function on TV and goes to meet Sooraj. Sooraj apologizes to Sandhya and brings her back home. Sandhya, after returning to Rathi house is sad and tries to stay away from Sooraj. Ankur plans a trip for Rathi family to Mumbai. In Mumbai, Sooraj notices Sandhya's behaviour and thinks that she is hiding something from him. Then he comes to know that the person who donated a kidney to Bhabo is none other than Sandhya. Sandhya gets Sooraj to promise to her that he will not reveal this to the rest of the Rathi family.

Bhabo tells Sooraj and Sandhya to now think of their child. After returning to Pushkar, Sandhya comes to know that she is pregnant. On Holi, Sandhya eats laddoo of Bhang and reveals that she is pregnant. Rathi family rejoices and Bhabo takes extra care of Sandhya. But to everyone's worry, Sandhya develops the disease of sleep-walking and at one night was to fall from the terrace cliff but Sooraj saves her. Bhabo and Sooraj are worried about her condition. Sandhya's doctor reveals that she is going to give birth to twin babies.

On Ankur's request, Rathi family moves to his house as his house is safer for Sandhya. There Sandhya's niece Bulbul tries to please Sandhya and Sooraj for giving one of their babies to her after the birth of those babies. Sooraj and Sandhya were not ready to give so they disagree. After that Bulbul develops a high fever. So to console her, her dad agrees to adopt a child. But the orphanage people disagree to give her approval for a request of baby. After that Sooraj thinks very deeply about the request of Bulbul and he decides that he will give one baby to her. Sandhya also agrees with him, but suddenly Bhabo hears their decision and tries to protest. But that time Bulbul comes and in front of Bhabo she pleads for a baby but she disagrees. Bhabo tells to Bulbul that few things we cant share it with each other. Then Bulbul tells Bhabo that Sandhya has given kidney to Bhabo. To return the favour of her kidney, Bhabo agrees to give her grandson.

After that Sandhya's delivery date comes and Sandhya delivers two sons. The namkarn ceremony happens after her delivery and Bulbul's mom names her baby as Vansh and Sooraj's sister names the other baby has Ved. After that Sandhya gives the baby to Ankur. After a few days, both of Sandhya's babies go missing. After finding both of them Sandhya hugs them tightly. Ankur felt insulted that Vansh is their baby but still Sandhya hugs him first. Due to this misunderstanding, they gets separated.

Ved wants his father to open a big hotel. Sooraj won Kabaddi match after his hard work and earn 50,00,000. After some turn of events, Sandhya joins an undercover operation to destroy Garjana Sangathan. Sandhya pretends that she died and left her family.Later on it revealed that Naxalites are planning to blast a Nuclear Bomb. In the end Sandhya alongwith Sooraj, makes the plan unsuccessful and kills Shekhar and the entire gang. Then Sandhya take a comeback along with Sooraj to her home. Bhabho decline to accept Sandhya and bring Lalima as Sooraj's wife. Later Lalima accept the truth that she is not wife of Sooraj and leaves from Sooraj's life. Sandhya and Sooraj got together again. Mohit had a affair and starts hating Emily. Later, it is shown in an episode that Mohit had been killed and the show now searches for the killer of Mohit in a mysterious turn of events and an investigation by Sandhya and IPS officer Sathya Dev Tripati.

 Star Cast:

Aadesh Chaudhary ... Chandrashekhar
Akshay Batchu ... Lokesh Agarwal
Alan Kapoor ... IPS Rahul Kapoor
Amit Dolawat ... Himanshu Dubey
Anas Rashid ... Sooraj Arun Rathi
Arjun Punj ... Arjun Chaudhary
Aryan Sharma ... former Chotu
Ashok Lokhande ... Arun Rathi
Charu Asopa ... Roma Reddy
Deepak Gheewala ... Dado Sa
Deepika Singh ... IPS Sandhya Sooraj Rathi
Dhrisha Kalyani ... Pari Mohit Rathi
Eijaz Khan ... Abhimanyu Singh
Ekta Tiwari ... Devi Narayani
Gaurav Sharma ... Rajkumar
Gautam Gulati ... Former Vikram Arun Rathi
Gurdeep Kohli ... Maya Baijii
Jyoti Sharma ... Disha
Kanika Maheshwari ... Meenakshi Vikram Rathi
Karan Goddwani ... Vikram Arun Rathi
Keith Sequeira ... Officer Roy
Kiran Bhargava ... Malti Agarwal
Manini Mishra ... Officer Agrima Singh
Neelu Vaghela ... Santosh Arun Rathi
Neil Bhatt ... IPS Zakir Siddiqui
Nupur Alankar ... Kisna
Pallavi Rao ... Kajri
Pooja Singh ... Emily Mohit Rathi
Preeti Chaudhary ... Kavita Sharma
Ragini Shah ... Maa Sa
Rakesh Kukreti ... Arvind Kothari
Randeep Rai ... Chotu
Rashmi Pitre ... Chaturi
Reem Sheikh ... Mishri Vikram Rathi
Ricky Patel ... Vansh Ankur Kothari Vansh Sooraj Rathi
Sarwar Ahuja ... IPS Satyadev Tripati
Sehrish Ali ... Chhavi Arun Rathi
Shalini Arora ... Yashoda
Shefali Sharma ... Laalima Agarwal
Shivshakti Sachdev ... Bulbul Ankur Kothari
Surbhi Tiwari ... Kanchan Arvind Kothari
Urmila Nimbalkar ... Former Ankita Ankur Kothari
Vaishali Thakkar ... Manjari
Varun Jain ... Mohit Arun Rathi
Varun Khandelwal ... Ankur Arvind Kothari
Vindhya Tiwari ... Prema


Anil V Kumar
Rishi Tyagi


Indian Soap Opera


Deepak Kumar Bhagat
Mahesh Pandey
Vikas Seth

 Music Director:

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai By Alka Yagnik


Jay B Ghadiali

 Production Company:

Shashi Sumeet Productions