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Dream Girl TV Show

Dream Girl

Original airing: 09 Mar 2015

Language: Hindi

Network: Life OK

RunningTime: 24 minutes

Plot Summary: The story follows arpimd Lakshmi Mathur (Nikita Dutta) a small town young woman from Jodhpur, who nurtures the dream of being India's next Dreamgirl and becoming the main heroine of Navrang Studios.

Navrang is owned by the Sareens, a prestigious film family residing in the plush Pali hill, Mumbai. Lakshmi comes to Mumbai to fulfil her dreams. On the other hand, the current Dreamgirl, Ayesha Sareen (Shraddha Arya) who is a very cunning and ambitious woman, is over protective of her power and her title. She wants to be India's one and only dreamgirl. She doesn't want anyone else to replace her. All these years, she is safe because no other girl has talent and spark like her. But, when Lakshmi enters, she knows that her time is over.

Lakshmi tries to prove her acting skills to Ayesha time and again, but this only infuriates Ayesha. She does everything she can to keep Lakshmi away from the Dreamgirl title and Manav Sareen, Ayesha's husband who is also a director and the owner of Navrang Studios. Ayesha throws a lot of challenges in Lakshmi's life. Lakshmi overcomes all of them and also sees that Ayesha is insecure of her.After many incidents the truth of Ayesha comes out. It is shown that Ayesha has a twin sister called Aarti (who is also portrayed by Shraddha Arya) Aarti was sent to a mental asylum due to Ayesha during their childhood. Many incidents take place and the truth about her twin is revealed to Ayesha's family.

Ayesha transfers all the rights on the property of Navarang to her name and eventually succeeds. After Lakshmi's and Samar's wedding their set is set on fire, Manav, Samar and Karan go to the set however, Samar and Manav supposedly die due to a car crash, even though their bodies have not been recovered. The Sareen family come to know that the majority of the shares of Navrang are in Ayesha's name. For this reason they use Aarti to fight back against Ayesha. Aarti impersonates Ayesha and tells all the investors that she will pay all their money along with interest to them.

There is a new entry in the show played by Sudeep Sahir, he is called Raghu. The story progresses and shows Ayesha trying to impress Raghu (Similar to season one where a poor character named Lakshmi (Played by Shraddha Arya) dreams of marrying a rich and wealthy businessman named Arjun Agnihotri (Played by Sudeep Sahir).

Aarti tries to get Navrang back to its former glory.

 Star Cast:

Alina Kumar ... Tanya
Aparna Kumar ... Nandini Thakhur
Chaitanya Choudhury ... Abhimanyu
Geeta Tyagi ... Bua Ji
Khalid Siddiqui ... Manav Sareen
Kunal Verma ... Karan Roy
Mohsin Khan ... Samar Sareen
Nikita Dutta ... Lakshmi sareen
Rukhsar Rehman ... Amrita
Shraddha Arya ... Ayesha Sareen Aarti
Sudeep Sahir ... Raghu


Amit Gupta




Shashi Mittal
Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal

 Music Director:

Ritesh Rathore


Vikas Sharma
Vishal Sharma

 Production Company:

Shashi Sumeet Productions