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Naamkarann TV Show


Original airing: 12 Sep 2016

Language: Hindi

Network: StarPlus

RunningTime: 21 minutes

Plot Summary: It is the story of little Avni, an illegitimate child, whose father Ashish and her mother Asha/Ayesha are not married but consider themselves as husband and wife. Despite being unmarried, Asha applies sindoor on her forehead to avoid social problems. Asha and Ashish still have a living-together relationship, which is unknown by the rest of the world and specially Ashish's family and his mother.However, Avni gets continuously teased by others because of her father's absence. She deeply wishes for her family to become a 'normal' one but her father stays away most of the time due to her grandmother Dayawanti, who does not know that her son has another family but later comes to know about his son and Ayesha's relationship through email, because Ashish is too scared to tell this face to face. Dayavanti already gave her word to his god figure man, Hemant, that she will give her son's hand for his daughter Neela. Neela also use to like Ashish secretly and later confessed it to him on phone. Later somehow Dayawanti convinces Ashish to get engaged with Neela as Hemant (bhai) is diagnosed with brain tumour and she doesn't step back when she gives her tongue. Dayavanti also dislikes Muslims as in the past few Muslims had attacked their old house and burned it. As Ayesha is Muslim she fails to accept her as her daughter in law. Ashish wants to get married with his mother's blessing so that is the reason he didn't get married during those 11 years. Later Ashish gets irritated after his mother continuationly insults Asha and Avni, Ashish decides to go and live with Asha and Avni. Avni is very happy that her family is now a 'normal' family. Later while Ashish is doing some personal work, he gets a call from Neela which Avni picks up, after having a small conversation with Neela when Avni hears that Neela is Ashish's fiance, she gets angry and saying it's a wrong number she keeps down the phone. When in the colony Tia and her mother calls her a fake daughter, Ashish decides to marry Asha. Avni is excited at hearing the news, and immediately begins preparations for the wedding. She invites everyone in the colony, and decides to call Dayawanti to invite her as well. Shocked and confused, Dayawanti locks herself inside her own house (kicking everyone else out) in an attempt to bring Ashish back. Realizing that Ashish is the only one that can console his mother, Ketan (Ashish's brother) calls him, telling Ashish of the situation. Ashish leaves in the middle of the wedding, and after speaking to his mother, is influenced not to marry Asha anymore.

 Star Cast:

Arsheen Namdaar ... Avni Mehta
Barkha Bisht Sengupta ... Asha Mehta Ayesha Haider Avnis Mother
Gulfam Khan ... Nanno Fatima Banu
Pooja Verma ... Hetal Mehta
Puru Chibber ... Ketan Mehta
Rajesh Singh ... Fatimas Nephew Tiku
Reema Lagoo ... Dayavanti Mehta Ashishs mother Avnis grandmother
Sayantani Ghosh ... Neela Parekh Ashishs second wife
Viraf Patel ... Ashish Mehta Avnis Father
Vivek Madan ... Hansmukh dayawantis son in law


Loknath Pandey
Mahesh Bhatt




Dhaval Gada
Guroudev Bhalla

 Music Director:

Arjuna Harjai


Shuhas Sudhir

 Production Company:

Dhaval and Guroudev Productions Pvt. Ltd