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Pardes Mein Hai Meraa Dil TV Show

Pardes Mein Hai Meraa Dil

Original airing: 07 Nov 2016

Language: Hindi

Network: StarPlus

RunningTime: 22 minutes

Plot Summary: This is the story of Naina Batra whose life revolves around her ailing mother. She is a strong-willed twenty-seven-year-old woman, who bares the scars of her unfulfilled love affair. She is going abroad, for reasons not yet known, leaving behind her sick mother. Baffled by certain questions thrown at her by a judgmental fellow passenger, Naina opens up about her past. She tells her how difficult it is for her to leave her sick mother behind and how after her father’s death, she became the bread winner of the house and her mother’s sole support.

Naina, or Ninu as her close friend calls her, is working as an English Lecturer in a university in Mumbai. Amit, her boyfriend, broke up with her two years earlier, for her giving too much attention to her mother. Although this didn’t shake her faith in love, it did make her emotionally vulnerable. One day she bumps into him at a supermarket. Seeing him with a pregnant woman, she runs away crying. On returning home, she is shocked to learn that her mother spent 15,000 on a stone prescribed by a priest. Even though she is upset, she gives in to her mother’s demand and agrees to wear it. Just as she slides it onto her finger, Amit knocks on the door. After sorting out their differences, the two decide to get engaged the next day.

On the engagement day, Amit’s mother points out that Naina is still the same girl and that she will not consent for her to go abroad to Austria with him. She tells him that under no circumstances will Naina agree to leave her mother and that she will again choose her over him. Naina's mother overhears their conversation and, as a consequence, suffers a heart attack. She convinces Naina not to worry about her and to go overseas to be with Amit.

Mehra's are Indian based Australia settled rich business family with Indu Mehra being the Chair person of Mehra Group of Industries. Her two sons, daugther in laws and elder grandson Veer Mehra who is the CEO of company runs the empire. Raghav Mehra who is a distant relative of Mehra's has lost his parents in childhood and Indu Mehra has brought him up as his own grandson. Raghav is a carefree, optimistic and jovial person who loves Mehra's as his own family. Except for Indu and Veer no one in the family consider Raghav as a part of Mehra family and treats him like a servant. Raghav on the other hand never feels bad for there treatment instead he is happily at there service. Raghav always works for Veer who has no interest in business and parties always with his friends. Raghav always covers up for Veer which no one in family knows.

On arrival in Austria Naina accidentally meets Raghav, who assists her to reach her brother's house. Naina's sister-in-law shows fake love and wants to turn her into her maid and caretaker for her coming baby. There is a further chance encounter between Naina and Raghav in a coffee shop and she is shocked to learn that Amit married an Austrian woman in order to gain citizenship and this breaks her heart. Raghav consoles Naina and gives her courage to fight back against Amit's betrayal. Naina ultimately breaks up with Amit and says he is coward and he can't know the values of relationship. Local by-standers overhear her words and applaud her, belittling Amit. Naina thanks Raghav for helping her once again.Indu's husband's walking stick goes missing.Raghav finds out that somebody has sold it.Indu tells him to get the stick back.Raghav comes to buy the stick in the shop where Naina has come to sell her ring to pay the rent.Naina gets a job in nightclub as a waitress because she has to get money to go back to India.

 Star Cast:

Additi Gupta ... Sanjana
Alka Amin ... Asha Batra
Alok Narula ... Rajiv Batra
Arjun Bijlani ... Raghav Mehra
Drashti Dhami ... Naina Batra
Hardik Thakkar ... Shaurya Mehra
Laksh Lalwani ... Veer Mehra
Manish Khanna ... Balraj Mehra
Sangeeta Kapure ... Chanchal Batra
Surekha Sikri ... Indu Mehra Dadi
Vicky Arora ... Amit Mehrotra


Neeraj Baliyan


Soap Opera


Ekta Kapoor

 Music Director:

Pamela Jain


Vikas Sharma
Vishal Sharma

 Production Company:

Balaji Telefilms