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Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do TV Show

Pyaar Ko Ho Jaane Do

Original airing: 20 Oct 2015

Language: Hindi

Network: Sony TV

RunningTime: 42 minutes

Plot Summary: The show which airs on Sony TV is the story of a very well-to-do, modern Punjabi family, the Hoodas and the backbone of this loving family is Ishaan (Mohammed Iqbal Khan) and his wife Preet (Mona Singh). Though Ishaan is Mr Hooda’s brother’s son, he (Mr Hooda) and his wife accepted Ishaan with open arms when the latter lost his entire family, including his wife, in a tragedy. Ishaan then went on to marry Preet, who too lost her family. Ishaan is the perfect son, the best brother, a doting father and an excellent friend. But underneath his perfect facade, lies a terrible truth that Ishaan has been hiding from everyone, the truth about his real identity. Ishaan has constantly been in touch with a girl which lead to the belief that he has an extra marital affair. The truth, however, is much further away from that. Ishaan, in fact, is a spy from a neighbouring country Pakistan, Rizwaan Ahmed Khan.

The real Ishaan died, like the rest of his family in the same tragedy. Given that Mr Hooda had not seen his brother or his family in years because of a clash the two had, there was no way they would have known what their nephew looked like. Using this too their advantage, the enemy IA sent their spy posing as Ishaan

 Star Cast:

Amit Dolawat ... Vikrant
Arjit Taneja ... Bilal
Arun Bali ... Ustad Rehmat Ali Khan
Aryan Bhatia ... Tinku Khurana
Hayat Asif ... Baba
Jyothi D Tommaar ... Alka Hooda
Lavin Gothi ... Siddharth Hooda
Mahesh Shetty ... Raw Agent Jai Shergill
Mansi Sharma ... Trisha Hooda
Melanie Pais ... Sana
Micky Makhija ... Amardeep Hooda
Mohit Abrol ... Atif
Mona Singh ... Preet Ishaan Hooda Preet Rizwan Khan
Parag Tyagi ... Kiku Khurana
Pushtiie Shakti ... Neeti Khurana
Shikha Singh ... Shabina


Ekta Kapoor




Ekta Kapoor
Shobha Kapoor

 Music Director:

lalit Sen


Vikas Sharma
Vishal Sharma

 Production Company:

Balaji Telefilms