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Satrangi Sasural TV Show

Satrangi Sasural

Original airing: 03 Dec 2014

Language: Hindi

Network: Zee TV

RunningTime: 20 minutes

Plot Summary: Satrangi Sasural is the story of the marriage of Vihaan and Aarushi. Vihaan Vatsal's family consists of him and his seven "mothers"; he is the only male member in the house, whilst the matriarch is Daadi Maa. Each female member of the family has a tragic story from their past, related to their husbands. Vihaan, despite being the centre of attention, isn't spoilt or pampered but instead is nurtured to grow into a mature, loving, sensitive individual. Vihaan meets Aarushi, a middle-class girl, who is a kind, gentle and pure soul, and falls in love with her thinking she will please the varied expectations all seven mothers have from their to-be daughter-in-law in a bid to find the perfect match for their son. The journey is of Aarushi and how she accepts the challenge of marrying into a family with seven mothers-in-law and break through the tough exterior to not only live up to each of their expectations but also establish a loving bond with them. Aarushi gives birth to twins, but due to unfortunate circumstances Vihaan loses his memory.

A woman named Vibha is introduced, where she tells Vihaan that he is her husband, which Vihaan believes. They return to Vihaan's house and Aarushi is surprised to learn that Vihaan does not remember her. When Vibha and Vihaan are about to get married (as Vihaan was poisoned), Aarushi gives antidote to Vihaan . But vibha takes the twin girl with her and blackmails everyone. She burns their house and they lose everything ( including money). After many attempts they finally find vibha and the child. Then Aarushi somehow kills Vibha with a pipe like thing.

But Vibha takes the gun and say 'I would not die alone' after that Vibha shoots Aarushi. Aarushi and Vibha both die. After a 4-year leap, Aarushi's children have grown into toddlers.The two of them are playing with their grandmother.It is an animal model.So with the animal model their grandma tell everything include the death of Aarushi and Vibha. A month later, Vihaan married Kaira a.k.a. Ki. But Ki chose to stay in Vihaan's house, as part of their contract marriage. Initially, Kaira gets frustrated as Vihaan's family do not live in luxury like she is used to in her own home, especially because they do not even have an refrigerator and Air conditioner. But Ki must live in Vihaan's house as instructed by Bebo.

 Star Cast:

Alefia Kapadia ... Karuna
Bhavana Balsavar ... Harpreet Vatsal
Divyangana Jain ... Millie Pandit Laal Ghoongatwali
Farida Jalal ... Gomti Vatsal
Govind Pandey ... Prahlaad Pandit
Kasturi Nigam ... Kasturi Pandit
Mugdha Chaphekar ... Aarushi Vihaan Vatsal
Pulkit Bangia ... Girish Pandit
Ravish Desai ... Vihaan Vatsal
Resham Tipnis ... Babita Vatsal
Sadiya Siddiqui ... Priyanka Vatsal
Sheikh Sami ... Govind Pandit
Shital Thakkar ... Neelima Tripathi
Simpy Singh ... Vibha Arvind Yadav
Sonali Sachdev ... Narmada Vatsal
Tanvi Sawant ... Millie Paandit
Vishwapreet Kaur ... Bebo
Vrushika Mehta ... Kaira Vihaan Vatsal
Yajuvendra Singh ... Chetan Singh


Nandita Mehra


Indian Soap Opera


Bhairavi Raichura
Nandita Mehra
Purnendu Shekhar

 Music Director:



Jay B Ghadiali

 Production Company:

24 Frames Media