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Suhani Si Ek Ladki TV Show

Suhani Si Ek Ladki

Original airing: 09 Jun 2014

Language: Hindi

Network: StarPlus

RunningTime: 24 minutes

Plot Summary: Suhani Si Ek Ladki is about young love and extended family dynamics. Suhani is an average looking yet free spirited and kind girl who loves everyone. Her best friend is Soumya, a very beautiful girl. Yuvraj, a rich boy who values beauty secretly falls in love with Soumya, who is in an arranged marriage with Yuvraj and believes they are already in love. At a certain point in the story, Yuvraj confesses his love to Soumya, who is shocked because she thought he loved Suhani, and because she is also in love with a boy named Krishna.

Soumya marries Krishna against her mother's wish. Suhani's father works up a plan to blackmail Yuvraj into marrying his daughter, and they end up marrying each other. Soumya's new mother-in-law and sister-in-law hate her which causes frequent arguments between Soumya and Krishna.

Likewise, Suhani's grandmother-in-law (Yuraj's grandmother) hates Suhani because she thinks she is not beautiful enough. The plot thickens as two new people in the story, Menka and Ragini seduce Dadi to win the heart of Soumya in order to bring Soumya back in Yuvraj's life. Suhani brings Soumya to Birla House as she thinks that Krishna is torturing her. Dadi, Ragini and Menka make many attempts to bring Soumya close to Yuvraj, but Pratima and Sharad oppose them. Dadi troubles Suhani.

Eventually Soumya falls in love with Yuvraj and tries to come between Suhani and Yuvraj. Suhani remains unaware. Soumya makes many attempts to impress Yuvraj and finally confesses her love but Yuvraj has no feelings for her. Soumya, Dadi, Ragini & Menka try to keep Suhani away from Yuvraj but Yuvraj is on Pratima and Sharad's side as he knows that Soumya is too clever and Suhani is innocent. Soumya plans to befriend Yuvraj and acts sweet to the innocent Suhani so she can take Suhani's place without her knowledge. Yuvraj finds out about Soumya's intentions and bad deeds. Suhani comes to know the truth about her marriage and is heartbroken. Yuvraj makes a plan with her in order to throw Soumya out of the house. Meanwhile, Yuvraj falls into unrealized love for Suhani and takes Suhani's help to get Krishna and Soumya together again.

They eventually get married and Soumya leaves the house but more problems arise. Suhani leaves the house because she has a strong belief that there is no relationship without love. Then the family is being cheated by Mr Saxena, the man in charge of their company. Yuvraj's mom, thinking quickly, gets Suhani back from her parents to help them. Yuvraj's grandma, however, is not very happy with this decision. Therefore, she says that if Suhani can not catch the man who cheated them, or expose Mr Saxena, in 24 hours, then she would kick her out of the house again. Suhani eventually manages to catch the man, but someone tampers with her evidence, which brings her back to square one and at the risk of losing her husband again. Then another problem arises when Krishna is sent to jail for stealing Birla company money. Then Suhani manages to bring thieve out and tells all the family members that you have to put your effort to bring the name of Birlas again but for that you have to go in company and have to work hard. After so many happenings a love triangle is made in love of suhani yuvraj and rohan a lawyer and daadi's relative. But in latter part is shown that rohan and suhani are going to marry but a sudden entry of yuvraj and confession of his love to suhani changes rohan's mind and a twist came that is Amit husband of Bhavna dies and Bhavna is married to sharad and is in Birla house with her child. Daadi plans to create misunderstanding between two sisters.

 Star Cast:

Chandresh Singh ... Pankaj
Debashree Biswas ... Menka Anuj Birla
Deiya Sindhi ... Ragini Saurabh Birla
Gaurav Mukesh ... Sharad Birla
Hetal Yadav ... Lathika
hital Dimri ... Rakhi
ijay Tilani ... Saurabh Birla
ikas Grover ... Aditya
ikhil Sharma ... Saurabh Birla
ivjoj Sabhraval ... Bhavna Sharad Birla
kroop Bedi ... Gauri Birla
mrit Arora ... Radhey
Neha Yadav ... Soumya Krishna Mishra
nkur Verma ... Krishna Mishra
ohit Khurana ... Rohan
onu Chandrapal ... Ragini Saurabh Birla
Rahul Dwivedi ... Ramesh
Rajoshi Vidyarthi ... Pratima Birla
Rajshri Rani Pandey ... Suhani Yuvraj Birla
Sahil Mehta ... Yuvraj Birla
Shashi Sharma ... Chandrakala Birla


Amit Gupta


Indian Soap Opera


Hemant Ruprell
Ranjeet Thakur

 Music Director:

Ritesh Rathore


Vikas Sharma
Vishal Sharma

 Production Company:

Panorama Entertainment