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Suryaputra Karn TV Show

Suryaputra Karn

Original airing: 29 Jun 2015

Language: Hindi

Network: Sony TV

RunningTime: 24 minutes

Plot Summary: Earlier mythological serials have always shown the negative aspect of Karn. The only positive side of his character is “Daanveer” nature. On the contrary this serial opens with Karn’s childhood right from the day he is born and abandoned by his mother Kunti.

The entire story revolves around Karn, the challenges and struggles faced by this great warrior and an overall view of how a “Suthputra” converts into “Ang Raaj Karn”. The story will showcase how a “right” man was on the “wrong” side! This serial is the journey of Karn right from his birth, to his adolescent days and to an era when even though being special he was an underplayed warrior and then his joining the wrong group of Kauravas and ultimately fighting the battle of Mahabharat. The story will reveal that though being the son of Sun God, Karn has to undergo so much of difficulty and subsequently has to earn a status for himself on his own merits.

After being abandoned by his mother Kunti, the little one is taken care by a “suth” family and thus he was also known as “Suthputra” or “Radhe-putra”. By birth Karn was gifted with Karn kundals and kawach which was bestowed on him for his protection.

 Star Cast:

Aditya Redij ... Elder Karna
Anand Suryavanshi ... Adhiratha Sushena
Mouli Ganguly ... Radha
Naved Aslam ... Bhishma Pitamah
Priya Bhatija ... Kunti
Riva Bubber ... Priyamvada
Surendra Pal ... Lord Parshuram
Uzair Basar ... Young Shon
Vishesh Bansal ... Young Karna


Gautam Nagrath
Vaibhav Mutha


Mythology Historical Drama


Siddharth Kumar Tiwary

 Music Director:

Lalin Nandi

 Production Company:

Swastik Pictures