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Thapki Pyar Ki TV Show

Thapki Pyar Ki

Original airing: 25 May 2015

Language: Hindi

Network: Colors

RunningTime: 20 Minutes

Plot Summary: The story revolves around a girl named Thapki (Jigyasa Singh), who stammers. However, she doesn't let her incapability destroy her cheerful and obedient character. Thapki's parents were keen on getting her marriage done, but owing to her speech impediment, no one was willing to marry her. Her parents managed to get her alliance fixed with "Diwakar" who is shorter than Thapki. He then demands dowry after finding that the girl stammers and rejects to marry her in the mandap. After being rejected, Thapki accepts a job at a news channel owned by Dhruv Pandey and moves to Noida with her mother followed by her father and two siblings. Both Thapki and Dhruv soon fall in love with each other. Dhruv's mother, Vasundra,who doesn't like stammering or anything that doesn't work or run properly, fixes Dhruv's alliance with Thapki without knowing about her stammering problem. When she comes to know about it, she tries her best to separate the duo. On the day of their marriage, she emotionally blackmails Bihaan, who is her adopted son and forces him to marry Thapki after drugging Dhruv on the day of their marriage. Dhruv and Thapki are separated, and Thapki is shocked to see Bihaan as her husband. Thapki then starts despising Bihaan for separating her from her love and spoiling her life. Thapki and Bihaan are forced to live together until they get divorced. Vasundra then plans to get Dhruv married to Shraddha, a girl of her choice. Thapki, too, helps her as she wants Dhruv to move on in life. But later, Bihaan and Thapki find out that Shraddha isn't who she pretends to be and has hidden motives. Bihaan and Thapki then team up to expose Shraddha but fail to stop the marriage, instead end up getting closer to each other and pave the way for a potential new love story. Shradhha then teams up with Vasundra to make Thapki's life hell.As they continue to humiliate thapki, bihaan stands by her like a pillar of support which makes their bond stronger.Viewers are now excited to see how their love story will be played out.

 Star Cast:

Ankit Bathla ... Dhruv Balvinder Pandey
Ankit Bhardwaj ... Sanjay Pandey
Hardik Sangani ... Diwakar
Jairoop Jeevan ... Balvinder Pandey
Jaya Bhattacharya ... Vasundhara Balvinder Pandey
Jigyasa Singh ... Thapki Bihaan Pandey
Manish Goplani ... Bihaan Balvinder Pandey
Monica Khanna ... Shraddha Dhruv Pandey
Prateeksha Lonkar ... Poonam Chaturvedi
Puja Sahu ... Suman Pandey
Resham Thakkar ... Preeti Pandey
Shakti Singh ... Krishnakanth Chaturvedi
Sheena Bajaj ... Aditi Diwakar
Shubh Kalra ... Shubh Chaturvedi
Srishti Maheshwari ... Sakshi


Deven Bhojani
Parmeet Sethi
Shashant Shah


Indian Soap Opera


Deeya Singh
Tony Singh

 Music Director:

Udhbhav Arora


Anshul Ahuja
Raunak Ahuja

 Production Company:

Shoonya Square Productions
SOL Productions