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Biography for Eva Grover

Eva Grover

Birthdate: 1980 approx.

Birth Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Height in feet: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Occupation: Bollywood Actress, Television Actress

Marital Status: Married

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Eva Grover is an Indian film and television actress. Who started her career in films and later moved on to television. Grover first appeared in a few episodes of Zee Horror Show and Maano ya na maano.

Family Background

She is the ex-wife of Aamir Khan’s step brother, Haidar Khan.

Acting Career

Eva’s career began when she first appeared in a few episodes of Zee Horror Show and Maano ya na maano. She was also seen in Zee TV’s serial Baat Ban jaye along with Rohit Roy and Niki Walia. After a few years Eva appeared in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, as “Aarti Kiran Virani”, where she played the role of the wife of Kiran Virani. She also starred in Sapna Baabul Ka Bidaai as Sheetal.

She was also seen on Shararat – Thodi Jadoo Thodi Nazaakat . Later she appeared in Karishma Kaa Karishma as Sheetal 1, she appeared in L.O.C.- Line Out Control and some years later she appeared in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain as Niharika Kapoor, the main antagonist. She quit the show after which her character had an accident and died in the show.

Eva Grover leaves her abusive marriage

Eva Grover who is currently seen as Sheetal in Bidaai is coping with her broken marriage. Eva who has divorced her husband Haider Khan spoke to us about what went wrong in her marriage. "I got a divorce nine months back. It is not a good thing to happen in any body's life. However it was intolerable so I just wanted to get rid of that situation. But I am not happy because nobody can be happy. My mother is my biggest strength and she has helped me a lot to overcome this situation," reveals Eva. But Eva is not crying about her divorce. She says there was no way she could have stayed in a marriage that was filled with domestic violence. "The situation was not manageable. It was a case of domestic violence. So this divorce was inevitable. I have already spoken about it and I do not want to talk about it much." "Even if we Indian girls become westernized we still try to save our marriage at any cost. I too did that…for 10 years. I thought the situation will improve after my baby's birth but it did not improve. So I had no option left with me," she adds. Haider who is Aamir Khan's step brother, has no job and wanted Eva to earn. But according to her when she did start working, he was unable to deal with it as it hurt his ego. Then he started not only abusing her verbally but also physically which she could not take it. She says, "You know when any girl is single people fall on her like rain. I am also getting proposals but right now it is very difficult for me to trust anyone so quickly. I will also not be able love that person deeply. I know one day I will find a guy who will understand me and will support me in my life but I do not know when my dream will get fulfilled. I get scared just thinking whether I will meet the right kind of person or not," Eva's daughter Nanu is just 18 months old. The actress leaves her daughter with her mother while she shoots. She says she does not take up work which requires her for more than 18 days in a month or 5 hours a day to ensure that she can spend time with her daughter. Eva will soon be seen in a comedy show. She has just finished shooting for her cameo in Bidaai.

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