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Biography for Adil Hussain

Adil Hussain

Birthdate: 5 October 1963

Birth Place: Goalpara, Assam, India.

Height in feet: 5 Feet 11 Inches

Sun Sign: Libra

Occupation: Bollywood Actor

Marital Status: Married

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Adil Hussain was born on October 5, 1963 in Goalpara Assam and Indian Film actor.


Hussain acted in school plays He left home at age 18 to study philosophy at B. Borooah College, Guwahati. He started acting in college plays and performing as a stand-up comedian. He also mimicked popular Bollywood actors in between the performances of a local stand-up comedian group, the Bhaya Mama Group.

Family Background

His father was a teacher, Hussain was the youngest of seven children

Acting Career

He worked as a stand-up comedian for six years, joined a mobile theatre and also did some local cinema, before moving to Delhi, where he studied at National School of Drama 1990 to1993. He also studied at the Drama Studio London on a Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarship.

He started his stage career in Delhi, though he continued training under Khalid Tyabji. After Tyabji he trained with Shaupon Boshu at Aurobindo Ashram, Puducherry, before starting training with Dilip Shankar in Delhi. As an actor, he first received acclaim in Othello: A Play in Black and White (1999), which was awarded the Edinburgh Fringe First, and later Goodbye Desdemona also directed by Roysten Abel.

In 2004, he made his Bengali film debut along with Soha Ali Khan in the period drama Iti Srikanta, where he played the lead role. On television, he appeared in the lead role, in the detective series 'Jasoos' as Vijay. He did a small roles in Vishal Bhardwaj's 'Kaminey' and Sona Jain's For Real, it was his role in Abhishek Chaubey's 'Ishqiya' in 2010 and slightly bigger role in 'Agent Vinod'.

Adil was seen in the movie called 'English Vinglish' wherein his performance was applauded working with Sridevi, some of his remarkable performance was witnessed in overseas projects including The Reluctant Fundamentalist and Life of PI, his character in Lessons in Forgetting was applauded a lot over New Jersey Independent South Asian Cine Fest

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