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Biography for Aiysha Saagar

Aiysha Saagar

Birthdate: 6 January 1980

Birth Place: Gold Coast, Australia.

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Occupation: Model, Dancer, Singer

Marital Status: Single

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Aiysha Saagar born 6 January 1980 is a Pop singer, performer, and glamour model. She is the official brand ambassador of Australia’s Gold Coast. Aiysha Saagar is the Australian Pop Star sensation who creates a storm with her ability to sing in mainly Hindi, Punjabi and English, as well as her mind-blowing high-energy stage performance. This talented singer, songwriter and performer has an individual style and attitude with which she delivers and performs her music.

Acting Career

Aiysha started her career as a glamour model and successfully became the face of renowned brands like Coca Cola, Vodafone, Johnson & Johnson, and others in South Pacific.

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