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Biography for Alka Verma

Alka Verma

Birthdate: 16 May 1989

Birth Place: Mumbai, Mahrashtra, India.

Height in feet: 5 feet 6 Inches

Sun Sign: Taurus

Occupation: Bollywood Actress

Marital Status: Single

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Alka Verma is an Indian actress.

Acting Career

She started her career in the famous TV shows C.I.D. In this show she was playing the role of Sub. Inspector Muskaan Gupta, Her first episode was the Red Rose Killer and last was The case of Inspector Daya's Abduction. In her last episode the reason of her quit was transferring. However, she was never kicked out in reality she left C.I.D. because she has gotten the offer in the movie 'Unforgettable'.

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