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Biography for Arav Chowdhary

Arav Chowdhary

Birthdate: 1983 approx.

Birth Place: India.

Height in feet: 5 Feet 11 Inches

Occupation: Model, Television Actor

Marital Status: Married

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Arav Choudhary, is a model turned actor, who has graduating from Hollywood Film Institute.

Latest News

Star Plus magnum opus show Mahabharat has been doing wonderfully well with talented ensemble cast. And recently a leading newspaper put up a story on Arav Chowdharry who plays Bheeshm saying that he was copying Mukesh Khanna, who had earlier essayed the same character in the B R Chopra produced Mahabharat. But Arav Chowdharry said" I work for my passion of acting and also for my fans who lovingly call themselves Aravians. I don't know how one can think about comparing me with Mukesh Khanna. We are both actors and are portraying the same character, that's it, there is just no room for any comparison. "


When asked Arav about his role as Bhishma Pitamah in Mahabharat he said, "I am lucky and feel blessed that I am playing the role of Bhishma Pithama. I haven't actually read Mahabharta but yes when I was small I did watch it. I love the character as I am playing a young teenaged Bhishma Pithama to the old Bhishma Pithama. This show is a film on television and every actor has been trained by Siddharth Kumar Tewary's Production team to learn horse riding, voice modulation which has actually made it easier for me to portray the role in a comfortable manner."

When quizzed him about the time he takes to get into his on screen character, he said, "I take almost an hour and a half with make-up and costume to get read. My mukut weighs 10 kg, sword weighs 10 to 15 kg and wearing all this takes time for me to get into the on screen character. I actually fight for action sequences which becomes strainous at times."

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