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Biography for Bharati Achrekar

Bharati Achrekar

Birthdate: 1965 approx.

Birth Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Occupation: Television Actress

Marital Status: Married

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Bharati Achrekar is a famous Indian Film and Television Actress. She worked in Hindi and Marathi films. Also, she act in Television drama soaps.


She studied in Hujurpaga School Pune, Bhharati excelled academically and musical through interschool competitions. She then graduated with a Hindustani Classical Music Degree from SNDT College Mumbai. Here again, Bhharati outshone with her nightingale voice and won awards through intercollegiate competitions.

Acting Career

Bhharati has been the voice and the face of Indian theatre, films, TV industry for over 35yrs. Some of her characters like Radhika Waghle in Waghle ki duniya are still remembered and appreciated.

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