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Biography for Erika Medina

Erika Medina

Birthdate: 1 January 1985

Birth Place: California, USA.

Height in feet: 5 feet 7 Inches

Eye Color: Black

Sun Sign: Cancer

Occupation: Model, Hollywood Actress

Marital Status: Single

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Erika Medina appears as one of the cast members and contestants in the VH1 competitive reality television series America’s Most Smartest Model. She hails originally from her hometown of Anaheim, California and she grew up without much money or financial support, though she would eventually go on to be featured in FHM magazine. Medina has also stated that drama and acting was her favorite class in high school.

Family Background

She has two brothers.

Acting Career

Her first onscreen appearance was as Little Girl in The Hawk Is Dying.

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