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Biography for Harshita Gaur

Harshita Gaur

Birthdate: 12 November 1990

Birth Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Height in feet: 5 feet 4 Inches

Eye Color: Brown

Sun Sign: Virgo

Occupation: Model, Television Actress

Marital Status: Single

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Harshita Gaur is a model-turned-actress, who had started her career in modelling and did modelling for many commercials. Now she is portraying an important role of Sanyukta in Channel [V]'s new show Sadda Haq-My Life My Choice. Also is a simple and chilled-out person who believes in relaxed mind but not in relaxing. She feels her day being wasted if she did nothing through out the day or her day ended with zero learnings.


She had completed her engineering before stepping into acting. Since childhood she wanted to get into acting and aspired to be on shows. She is trained in Kathak and has been a part of drama and creative societies in schools and colleges.

Family Background

Harshita comes from a family of doctors in Delhi. She is currently single and focussing on her career.

Acting Career

The model turned actress Harshita Gaur, got her first golden opportunity to work as Sayunkta Agarwal in Channel V show (Sadda Haq – My Life My Choice). The new Channel V show, Sadda Haq is a youth oriented show moves around the life of College going students. The show has already marked its presence on the small screen and is one of the most loved shows by the teenagers. The beautiful Harshita Gaur is playing the role of college going student, who wants to become a successful mechanical engineer.

Sayunkta is also been awarded scholarship for her great performance in academics. The other lead of the show, Vidhushi was also competing for the same scholarship which was won by Sayunkta. After Sayunkta , winning the scholarship, Vidhushi got jealous from her and now wants to take revenge from her. Now her plan is to be nice with Sayunkta and to hurt her when she will trust her blindly.


Harshita is not dating anyone. She is currently single and focussing on her career.


How did you end up bagging this role?

A friend suggested me that I go for the audition of this show. After going through the audition I got the final call. This project is a really good one and I gave it an instant nod.

Favourite shopping destination?

Delhi is my favourite shopping destination. I feel the variety one gets there is much better than that here in Mumbai.

Clothes you are comfortable in

I love wearing long dresses or a jeans with a shirt or a t-shirt.

Must have in your wallet

My credit and debit cards are a must have in my wallet.

How much do you relate with this character?

I relate with it a lot. Even I am an engineer and have the same kind of emotional connect with my mother like my character has. Also similar to Sanyukta, I also want to make a mark in my profession and prove that girls can achieve anything they want. And the way Sanyukta is street smart who can manipulate people to get her work done but not in a bad way, I too sometimes do the same.

TV shows

Year TV Show Role Channel Completed on
2013 Sadda Haq - My Life, My Choice Sanyukta Aggarwal Channel V 2016


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