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Biography for Ketan Karande

Ketan Karande

Birthdate: 1986 approx.

Birth Place: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

Height in feet: 6 Feet 2 Inches

Occupation: Television Actor

Marital Status: Single

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Ketan Karande was born and brought up in Mumbai. He was passionate about theatre from his teenage days.


He was a student of Ruparel College, While in school he participated in several plays and even directed a play in his last year at school. His talent won him a "balbhavan" scholarship for drama

Acting Career

He acted in around eighteen one-act plays which included plays like Vijay Tendulkar’s KALOKH and Shyam Manohar’s TICH TI DIWALI. He then went on to do many plays with Awishkar in Mumbai. Some of these are AAJI SHARAN YETE and IRAQ directed by Chetan Datar, GHOSTA directed by Irawati Karnik and FRIEND directed by Deepak Rajadhyakshya.

He has worked with different directors such as Ashutosh Datar, Mangesh Bhide, Advait Dadarkar, Sandesh Kulkarni and Arun Kakade.

He himself has directed a one-act play called AJAGAR ANI GANDHARV which has been written by Vijay Tendulkar.

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