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Biography for Pallavi Subhash

Pallavi Subhash

Birthdate: 9 June 1984

Birth Place: Mumbaindi, Maharashtra, India.

Height in feet: 5 Feet 5 Inches

Sun Sign: Gemini

Occupation: Model, Television Actress

Marital Status: Married

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Pallavi Subhash was born on 9 June, 1983. A Maharashtrian model-turned actor, Pallavi Subhash has performed in nearly a dozen Marathi films, TV serials, commercials, and plays.


She has graduated in Bachelor of Commerce. Before starting her career as an actress,

Family Background

Pallavi was married to Marathi actor Aniket Vishwasrao in 2006 but later they divorced.

Acting Career

Pallavi has done modelling for sometime. Pallavi Subhash is a model for many TV advertisements like Lion Date Jam, Everest Gharam Masala, Lifebouy,3 roses and many more. She became very popular model for TV advertisements in 2012 and 13. She has received praise for her work in the "Meethe mein kuch meetha ho jaaye" ad campaign for Cadbury's after which she was referred to as the Cadbury girl. She has done around 12 Marathi movies, TV serials, commercials and plays. The talented girl with her youthful smile and cheery demeanour has mesmerized the audience with her remarkable performance. She had earlier acted in two Marathi daily soaps, "Char Diwas Sasuche" on ETV Marathi and "Adhuri Ek Kahani" on Zee Marathi. She also played Rukmini in the mythological series Mahabharat. She was earlier supposed to play the role of Princess Amba in the series.

In Samrat Ashok She is portraying the role of a timeless heroine 'Dharma' Emperor Ashoka's mother in the new series Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat. The show has the compelling story of this Great Emperor.

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