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Biography for Rudraksh Jaiswal

Rudraksh Jaiswal

Birthdate: 2003 approx.

Birth Place: India.

Occupation: Child Actor

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Rudraksh Jaiswal is a tv actor, working in television serials.he played the role of young Sahadev in 2013 in the epic series Mahabhrata. He has a very jolly personality and a very positive attitude with a very understanding nature.


He is a student at billabong international school Malad Mumbai.

Acting Career

In 2013 Rudraksh Jaiswal made his acting debut in "Mahabhrata" playing young sahadev he effectively portrayed the character who is very naughty and emotional and many of the sense go straight to your heart. it was after hundreds of auditions did swastik productions find Rudraksh and after careful consideration ,he was finally selected for the role of sahadev getting the role was no easy task for Rudraksh.

He had to give many auditions ,and at times he even had to miss school.All the efforts was finally rewarded when he was selected for the role.He has also bagged many shows from Shiamak Daver Dancing school,Summer funk and winter funk.

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