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Biography for Tinu Verma

Tinu Verma

Birthdate: 1975 approx.

Birth Place: India .

Height in feet: 5 Feet 6 Inches

Occupation: Television Actor, Producer, Director, Writer

Marital Status: Married

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Tinu Verma is an Indian film action director, actor, story writer and producer and even as a playback singer. in bollywood film industry. He is now all set to make his small screen debut with the epic "Mahabharat", on Star Plus. This is first time for him to appear on television and is feeling glad to play a role in this mythological serial.

Acting Career

Tinu Verma, the reputed designation in the B-Town has entered into the television with Siddharth Kumar Tiwary's epic series 'Mahabharat' on Star Plus. The actor played the role as Jarasandh in Mahabharat. Jarasandh is the king, who was killed by Bheem in order to perform the Raj Surya Yagna. This was the debut serial for him on Tv.

Latest news

Bollywood stuntman Tinu Verma had been escaped after attacking his step brother with a sword has been arrested by the police last year. This action-choreographer has attacked his step-brother Manohar Verma in a family conflict. Mahendra Verma, brother of Manohar and also an action director, had also been beaten up by Tinu on july 29, 2013. Tinu had attacked Manohar with a sword. Regarding this case Tinu was arrested.

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