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Drushyam Movie


Released date: 11 Jul 2014

Language: Telugu

RunningTime: 150 minutes

Plot Summary: Drushyam is a good suspense thriller with high entertainment quotient. Venkatesh's sterling performance is the main highlight in the film. The engrossing screenplay, Sharreth's soothing music and amazing background score, S Gopal Reddy's cinematography, a few comedy and sentimental scenes and beautiful locales are other attractions of the film. The slow-paced narration in first half and some forced romantic scenes are its big drawbacks. Sripriya Rajkumar has taken the original story from the Malayalam movie, but she has made a few changes to suit the taste of Telugu viewers. Especially, she has added a little extra romance, which appears like it has been unnecessarily forced in the film. Otherwise, everything is fine in the film.

She has been successful in maintaining the suspense element throughout the movie. She has very good grip on the narration of the film. Drushyam is high on emotional quotient. The film starts off with slow-paced narration, which drags for almost 30 minutes in the first half. The movie gains a momentum with a twist at the interval. The second half of the film is simply superb and the suspense element makes you sit on the edge of the seat and watch the movie biting your nails. The climax is also good and it makes the viewers to walk out of the cinema hall with a contented heart. Rambabu (Venkatesh) is a married man from the middle class.

He is the provider of cable network connection in a small village near Vijayanagaram. His happy family life is tormented, when Varun, son of Geetha (Nadhiya), who is the Inspector General of Police, disappears after he harasses Rambabu's daughter. Geetha feels suspicious about Rambabu's family and she uses her power to harass them. What happened to Varun? How does Rambabu struggle to save his family? Answer to these questions will form the crux of the story. Venkatesh has a tailor-made role in Drushyam and he has delivered a brilliant performance in it.

He is the showman in the film. As his wife, Meena has also done a good job and her chemistry with Venky is a good to watch on screen. Nadhiya, Naresh, Ravi Kale, Chalapathi Rao, Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao, Chaitanya Krishna, Benerjee, Sameer, Roshan Basheer and others have also done justice to their roles and their performances are good assests of the film. Drushyam has decent production values and Sharreth's soundtracks and amazing background score are the main attractions in the technical front. S Gopal Reddy's camera work is another highlight of the film. Marthand K Venkatesh's editing is good. Other technical departments have also delivered a commendable job. Overall, Drushyam is a good suspense thriller, which will be a treat for family audience. You will enjoy it a lot, if you have not watched the Malayalam film Drishyam. It is a must watch movie for family audience.

 Star Cast:

Annapurna ... Jyothis Mother
Baby Esther ... Anu
Benerjee ... New Sub Inspector
Chaitanya Krishna ... Rajesh
Chalapathi Rao ... Jyothis father
Chitram Seenu ... Seenu
Jogi Naidu ... Hotel Supervisor
Kaasi Viswanath ... Restaurant Owner
Kadambari Kiran ... Bus Conductor
Kruthika Jayakumar ... Anju
Meena ... Jyothi
Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao ... Head Constable
Pavala Shyamala
Prabhu ... New Constable
Prasanna Kumar ... Contractor
Ravi Kale ... Veerabhadram
Roshan Basheer ... Varun
Sameer ... Naveen Kumar
Sapthagiri ... Simhadri
Uthej ... Movie Theater Operator
Venkatesh ... Rambabu






D. Suresh Babu
Rajkumar Sethupathi

 Music Director:



Marthand K. Venkatesh

 Production Company:

Rajkumar Theatres Pvt Ltd.
Suresh Productions