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Heropanti Movie


Released date: 23 May 2014

Language: Hindi

Plot Summary: The premise of this remake of the Telugu movie 'Parugu' is as archaic as Bollywood's obsession with remaking South films. In a lawless Jatt-land where love marriages are forbidden and honor-killing considered a just punishment for that felony, Chaudharyji (Prakash Raj) rules with an iron fist. So, obviously, when his daughter Renu (Sandeepa Dhar) elopes on her wedding day with her lover, Chaudharyji and his gang of goons go on a rampage searching for the 'convict' boy, and kidnap his friends to know of his whereabouts. One among these kidnapped friends is Babloo (Tiger Shroff), who remains in his Heropanti mode even amidst the blood-thirsty, could-have-played-hulk gundas, and sports a puppy smile with lips so red it could give Kareena Kapoor's Lakme ad a run for its money. While the chase for Renu and her lover continues endlessly and while he is still locked up, Babloo finds enough time to reminisce about his love-at-first-sight lady.

And the movie's first half is entirely spent without Babloo realising that his heroine is, after all, none other than Chaudhary's younger daughter Dimpy (Kriti Sanon). Predictably, Dimpy takes a liking to Babloo gradually and there on, the second half plays out as an excruciatingly boring merry-go-round that ends with a rather contrived DDLJ-styled climax (or anti-climax, to use a more apt term). The banal writing is the biggest let down of the movie, that could have been a decent masala flick with a tighter script and minus some rather brainless dialogues. In a movie that majorly features newbies, it was most displeasing to see the veteran genius of Prakash Raj being thoroughly wasted by some shoddy writing.

As Raj vacillates from being a tyrant baron to being a doting father and then to being the harbinger of honor-killing before being back to playing the 'helpless' father, you are compelled to think if the makers had mixed up scripts while briefing him on his character that changes faster than the London weather. Kriti Sanon, who had acted in a South flick with Mahesh Babu before this, looks pretty and does justice to her character of bindass-girl turned damsel-in-distress. But as is the case with most Bollywood masala movies, the female lead doesn't get much opportunity to show off her acting skills. In Kriti's case, she only gets to show off her well-toned midriff.

Finally, coming to our Hero, Tiger looks most impressive (and at most ease) when he is flexing his muscle (there is, ofcourse, a Salman-styled shirtless fight scene, too), jumping off buildings like a parkour stuntman (another Vidyut Jamwal in the making?), beating up the baddies without breaking into a sweat and so also when he is showing off his break-dancing moves. But like Madagascar's Alex, this Tiger strikes the prettiest of pose, but is unlikely to roar big at the box-office with this one. And though his attempts at humor fall flat most times and his chemistry with Kriti seems like a dull romance, most of it can only be attributed to the ordinary direction from Sabbir Khan (of 'Kambakkht Ishq' fame). Tiger and Kriti try hard, and it would be unfair to judge their performances on such a poorly scripted movie. A fairly decent music is a bit of a respite. Heropanti (read action) is what Tiger does best, and there simply isn't enough of it in the movie. We recommend you give it a miss, unless you are someone who finds movie theatres a good place to steal a nap.

 Star Cast:

Kriti Sanon ... Dimpy
Prakash Raj ... Chowdhary
Samar Jai Singh ... Bhuppi
Sandeepa Dhar ... Renu
Shankar ... Pappi
Shireesh Sharma ... Police Commissioner
Tiger Shroff ... Bablu
Vikram Singh ... Rajjo Fauji


Sabbir Khan




Sajid Nadiadwala

 Music Director:

Manj Musik