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Ice Cream Movie

Ice Cream

Released date: 12 Jul 2014

Language: Telugu

RunningTime: 104 mins

Plot Summary: Why would you want to spend your Saturday taking risks with a movie-maker who doesn't give a rat's a** about audiences- intellectual or not! You often wonder what happens to genius movie-makers. Do they get better? Do they get worse? Do they become average with changing times? The curious case of Ram Gopal Varma is that he has gotten delusional, probably. This is coming from a long-time admirer of his who swears by movies like Siva and Satya, who couldn't have his heart-broken even after Aag. But, Ice-Cream is a movie that defies everything, not just the logic that horror movies in India routinely sacrifice but also the logic that makes producers invest their money in a story and audiences to buy a ticket to it. It is a rotten roll of cliches.

It starts with a big bungalow where a young girl (Tejaswi Madivada) moves in, because she has to prepare for exams, while her parents are busy in a wedding. Before you get down to the ghost, you will see the girl dressing and undressing several times. Then there are the dreams of the ghost and the boyfriend's pranks. Just when you are bored the hell of the director's lack of creativity, she starts having actual hallucinations and delusions, often believing and disbelieving in what she sees. The standard kit also includes an old woman with shiny white hair, a house maid with mad stares and a silly plumber, who we are not sure, is real or unreal.

Whether or not it ends well for the boy or girl is something I shouldn't give out. But, trust me when I say, it doesn't end well for the audience. There are many levels at which you would want to hate the movie. It has panorama shots and handheld camera shots, weird corner angles at times and other experiments, all equally annoying and lifted in parts from various horror movies. The soundtrack of a horror movie is a great instrument. Like Hitchcock said, often it is the anticipation that gives you the thrill. However, the sound in this movie kills the anticipation and the event. So jarring is the track, that half the time you are too distracted saving your ears.

Loud tracks are not new in Ram Gopal Varma movies. His belief that they are dramatic is poorly conceived and if ever one movie needed a little less melodrama from the over dramatized music, it was this. All in all, it is a movie that entirely takes place within the house, with two actors, one of whom, the boyfriend (Navdeep) keeps coming and going. He has a few comical lines in the movie, that got a warm response from the audience. Other than that, it is a snooze fest of a horror movie that irritates you more than it scares you.

 Star Cast:

Tejaswi Madivada


Ram Gopal Varma




Tummalapalli Rama

 Music Director:



Pratap Kumar Sanga

 Production Company:

Bhimavaram Talkies