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Poojai Movie


Released date: 22 Oct 2014

Language: Telugu

RunningTime: 145 minutes

Plot Summary: "Poojai directed by Hari, a well known director for his commercial movies. Vishal plays as the male lead and also produced this commercial film. Shruthi Hassan plays the female lead along with lot and lots of known faces from Sathayaraj, Raadhika to Soori played as the supporting cast. One of the major plus point in Director Hari’s film are his supporting cast. He did well in this film too in selecting the correct actors for each and every character. Poojai’s story line is plain and simple. Vasu (Vishal) from a very big family in Coimbatore gets separated from his family due to misunderstanding. When a problem rises to his family, he comes back to save them. In mean while, when he was away from his family, he meets Divya (Shruthi Hassan) and falls for her. Rest of the story line goes like seen in many commercial movies and finally as usual Hero wins over the villain. Hari’s movies usually don’t have any impressive story lines. But his speedy screenplay helps him very much. But in Poojai, he was too predictable and his usual speedy screenplay formula didn’t workout.

As the director himself told in a press meet that not to criticise his usual “Aruva” culture or Sumo’s flying in air. So let me also not talk about it even though many cars get an aerial treatment along with lots of gunda’s with deadly weapons arrives in the screen for every fight sequences. Vishal did his job as said but his film career took a terrible turn due to these types of commercial films. After trying very hard he was back in successful way but now with Poojai he is trying to get back to the same terrible turn. Shruthi Hassan is cute in scenes and hot in songs, done the usual female lead role in a commercial film. Lots of supporting actors from Satharaj, Raadhika, Soori, Pandi and many others did their job neatly. Overall, Poojai is watchable if you like to watch Hari’s usual family entertainer. Too predictable and nothing new or interesting in the commercial film..!!"

 Star Cast:

Andrea Jeremiah
Awadesh Mishra
Barath Raj
Imman Annachi
Janaki Sabesh
Mathumila Mano
Prathap Pothen
R. Sundarrajan
Raadhika Sarathkumaras
Sanjay Singh
Sathyaraj ... Sivakkozhundhu
Shruti Hassan ... Divya aka D
Sounthara Raja
Thalaivasal Vijay
Vinay Bihari
Vishal ... Vasudevan Ratnasamy aka Vasu







 Music Director:

Yuvan Shankar Raja


T. S. Jai
V. T. Vijayan

 Production Company:

Vishal Film Factory