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Ra Ra Krishnaya Movie

Ra Ra Krishnaya

Released date: 04 Jul 2014

Language: Telugu

RunningTime: 139 minutes

Plot Summary: Krishna (Sundeep) works at a garage and saves money with his boss (Tanikella Bharani), an astute Tamilian, who isn’t willing to let Krishna have his 6 lakhs back. Depressed and drunk, Krishna gate-crashes the daughter’s wedding. Nandeeswari(Regina), who was being forcibly married away, is happy about being kidnapped and in fact, assists him. Strange plot twists start to happen from there on. First, they crash in the middle of nowhere but find a lorry ride. Where there is a lorry, there is a song. Later they stop at a dhaba for dinner. Chased by the bride-groom’s men, they decide to go one step ahead this time and escape in the lorry themselves.

If that didn’t make sense, a few minutes later, Krishna hands her the wheel and dozes off and she decides to take the lorry into Kerala. Mere mortals would go through at least a dozen toll booths and document checks. Pushing illogicality further, Krishna accidentally vandalizes a local goddess. They end up in an elder man’s house on Onam. While most mortals find it hard to even find a lodge during that time of the year, they are treated wonderfully as punishment for his act, in a classy bungalow, celebrating the colourful festival. Meanwhile, Krishna decides he had enough of the chatterbox and decides to hand her over to her dad in exchange for the ransom money.

While Nandeeshwari is already in love with him, for reasons best known to her, Krishna is reticent about his feelings. But, exactly then, she is kidnapped again, luring Krishna all the way back to his own village. Who was the kidnapper and why he wants Krishna to come back to his village makes for the rest of the movie. (Actually, nothing much happens – more cold-blooded murder of logic is all that happens)

 Star Cast:

Chalapathi Rao
Jagapathi Babu ... Jaggu Bhai
Jai Venu
Ravi Babu
Regina Cassandra ... Nandu
Satyam Rajesh
Sundeep Kishan ... Krishna
Tanikella Bharani
Thagubothu Ramesh


Mahesh P




Vamsi Krishna Srinivas

 Music Director:

Achu Rajamani


Marthand K. Venkatesh

 Production Company:

SVK Cinemas