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Sex Tape Movie

Sex Tape

Released date: 17 Oct 2014

Language: English

RunningTime: 94 minutes

Plot Summary: "With all the photo leaks that have recently made the news, Sex Tape’s timing is nothing short of exceptional. Whether or not it works in the film’s favor remains to be known. Sex Tape follows Annie and Jay, a couple who have been married for a decade. When they find themselves in a bit of a dry spell, they decide to spice up their sex life by filming themselves. However, they accidentally end up sharing their sex tape with everyone they know. The film chronicles their attempt at keeping their video a secret. Naturally, the hunt for the sex tape spices up their lives much more than the tape itself! Though the premise of the film seems promising, it’s quickly clear that the film isn’t nearly as risque as the title and premise suggest.

Even the uncensored version, which features its fair share of nudity, feels oddly vanilla. The performances are a mixed bag. Though Cameron Diaz delivers even her campiest lines with enthusiasm, it’s hard to take her seriously. Especially after the disaster that was The Other Woman. Jason Segel is her polar opposite, with his eye-rolls and complete lack of interest. Actually, you might find yourself relating to Segel more than any character in the film. The highlight of the film is undoubtedly the supporting cast. Rob Lowe, Ellie Kemper and Nat Faxon make lasting impressions, despite not having much screen time. Everything apart from the acting misses the mark.

The film’s attempts at being salacious feel like those of a preteen boy trying to look ""cool"" by growing a mustache – embarrassing. The humor, if we can call it that, fails to make even the easily-amused chuckle. Why should you watch this film? All things considered, Sex Tape is a film you can watch on a lazy evening with friends. The stories, the remarks and the hilarity that ensues among your group will make you laugh harder than any joke in the film. However, if you go in expecting a saucy rom-com, you’re going to be disappointed."

 Star Cast:

Cameron Diaz ... Annie
Dave Gruber Allen ... Mailman
Ellie Kemper ... Tess
Jack Black ... the owner of YouPorn
Jason Segel ... Jay
Nancy Lenehan ... Linda
Nat Faxon ... Max
Randall Park ... Edward
Rob Corddry ... Robbie
Rob Lowe ... Hank Rosenbaum


Jake Kasdan




Jason Blumenthal
Steve Tisch
Todd Black

 Music Director:

Michael Andrews


Steve Edwards
Tara Timpone

 Production Company:

Escape Artists
Lstar Capital
Media Rights Capital