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Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene Movie

Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene

Released date: 16 Jan 2015

Language: Hindi

RunningTime: 108 Minutes

Plot Summary: "With a self-explanatory title like that, it wouldn’t be hard to understand the film’s underlying plot. Sharafat Gayi Tel Lene is a satirical comedy revolving around the life of a geeky commoner and his tussle with the underworld. Prithvi Khurana (Zayed Khan) is a middle-class Delhite who believes in walking the straight path. With a mediocre job and a steady girlfriend, Prithvi has nothing to complain about. His roommate, Sam (Rannvijay Singh) is a guy whose motto in life is to earn easy money by taking shortcuts. Megha (Tena Desae) is a television journalist and also the lady love of Prithvi.

The protagonists appear to be living in utmost ‘sharafat‘, a concept rarer than rarity in today’s day and age. Referred by Sam as ‘Kanjoos‘, Prithvi visits ATM outlets from time to time. On one such visit, he finds out that his bank balance has jumped to 100 crores! Prithvi can’t believe it, and is in complete shock until a phone call solves the mystery. The voice on the other side is that of so-called underworld don ""Dawood"", who then takes the story forward. Watch what happens when a typical middle-class man gives up decency to set things right in society.

Zayed Khan returns to Bollywood after a long gap and delivers a convincing act in the film. Rannvijay carries his casual self quite comfortably. Anupam Kher as the baddie does full justice to the role. Director Gurmmeet Singh has kept it simple, yet conveyed the message with diligence. The film is not an over-the-top comedy and comes with unexpected twist and turns towards the end. Why should you watch the film? Zayed Khan fans (if any) will find him likeable in this film. Watch it if you are looking for a light entertainer this weekend."

 Star Cast:

Anupam Kher
Rannvijay Singh ... Sam
Talia Bentson
Tena Desae
Zayed Khan ... Prithvi Khurana


Gurmmeet Singh




Akhilesh Jain
Devinder Jain

 Music Director:

Dhruv Dhalla
Faridkot Band
Meet Bros Anjjan
Sandeep Chatterjee


Meghna Manchanda Sen

 Production Company:

Medios Entertainment