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Tarzan Movie


Released date: 02 May 2014

Language: English

RunningTime: 94 minutes

Plot Summary: The story begins with an expedition in the remote African jungle; John Greystoke and his wife are killed in a helicopter crash while investigating a mysterious meteorite site. Only their young son J.J., nicknamed Tarzan, survives. A group of gorillas discovers the boy in the wreckage and takes him in as their own.

Tarzan grows up learning the harsh laws of the jungle for nearly a decade until he encounters another human being - the courageous and beautiful young Jane Porter. It is love at first sight. But things get dangerous when William Clayton, who travels to Africa with Jane under false pretense, reveals his true - and greedy - intentions. Tarzan, now a man like no other, must use all his jungle instincts and intellect to protect his home and defend the woman he loves.

 Star Cast:

Anton Zetterholm
Brian Huskey ... Smith
Christian Serritiello ... Chris
Craig Garner
Faton Millanaj ... Miles
Jaime Ray Newman ... Alice Greystoke
Joe Cappelletti ... William Clayton
Kellan Lutz ... Tarzan
Mark Deklin ... John Greystoke
Maximilian Nepomuk Allgeier ... Pilot 2
Robert Capron ... Derek


Reinhard Klooss




Reinhard Klooss
Robert Kulzer

 Music Director:

David Newman


Alexander Dittner

 Production Company:

Constantin Film Summit Entertainment