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The Judge Movie

The Judge

Released date: 10 Oct 2014

Language: English

RunningTime: 142 minutes

Plot Summary: Its a good watch rolling with lots of emotional turmoil and some very great punches of laughter. It efficiently portrays the completely messed up family as well as the personal life of a big shot merciless defense attorney who puts in his best to defend the judge who is impossible to defend. As always, Downey fits right into the boots of the character. The screenplay is quite good too, with some very poetic shots - especially the ending. Totally worth watching.

 Star Cast:

Billy Bob Thornton ... Dwight Dickham
David Krumholtz ... Mike Kattan
Denis O'Hare ... Doc Morris
Emma Tremblay ... Lauren Palmer
Frank Ridley ... Jury Foreman
Jeremy Strong ... Dale Palmer
Ken Howard ... Judge Warren
Leighton Meester ... Carla Powell
Mark Keily ... Mark Blackwell
Robert Downey Jr ... Henry Hank Palmer
Robert Duvall ... Judge Joseph Palmer
Vera Farmiga ... Samantha Powell
Vincent DOnofrio ... Glen Palmer


David Dobkin




David Dobkin
David Gambino
Susan Downey

 Music Director:

Thomas Newman


Mark Livolsi

 Production Company:

Team Downey Big Kid Pictures
Village Roadshow Pictures