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Two Night Stand Movie

Two Night Stand

Released date: 26 Sep 2014

Language: English

RunningTime: 86 minutes

Plot Summary: A no-strings-attached, online hook-up turns into a morning-after disaster for twenty-something New Yorkers Megan and Alec. When a paralyzing blizzard hits the city trapping them in Alec’s cramped Brooklyn apartment, they are forced to get to know each other far beyond the confines of a typical one-night stand. Months after graduating from college Megan is unemployed, unattached and unable to get off the couch. Heartbroken by the collapse of her wedding engagement, she considers internet romance with limited interest.

But following a chance encounter with her ex and his new girlfriend - and egged on by her roommate Faiza and her boyfriend Cedric - Megan boldly propositions Alec, a cute and funny guy she meets online, inviting herself to his apartment for her first ever one-night-stand. After a calamitously unromantic morning after, she tries to make a discreet exit only to discover that the city has been pulverized by a record-breaking snowfall that shows no sign of letting up. Unable to leave the building, she sheepishly takes shelter with an equally mortified Alec. Forced to spend another day and night together, Megan and Alec’s first real face-to-face conversation veers from banter to bickering and back, as the provocative chemistry that lit up their online introduction quickly reignites.

While rating each other’s erotic IQs, they realize they have a unique opportunity for a hands-on learning experience that inevitably leads them to a very adult snow day. But just as an authentic connection begins to spark between the couple, Megan discovers a shocking secret about Alec that could put the brakes on their relationship before it ever gets out of the bedroom.

 Star Cast:

Analeigh Tipton ... Megan
Jessica Szohr ... Faiza Megans roommate
Leven Rambin ... Daisy
Miles Teller ... Alec
Scott Mescudi ... Cedric Faizas boyfriend


Max Nichols


Romantic Comedy


Beau Flynn
Ruben Fleischer
Sam Englebardt

 Music Director:

Matthew de Luca
Neil de Luca


Matt Garner

 Production Company:

Demarest Films
Flynn Picture Company